Also known as Alex, I'm a graphic designer, artist, illustrator, all around fellow creative. I'm a newly graduate at Texas Christian University, with a Bachelor's Degree in Design Studies with a minor in Studio Art. I've enjoyed making and creating art my entire life, so I followed that joy and it has led me to this path of graphic design and artistic journeys. When I'm not in my screen, I enjoy activities that involve, visiting art museums, watching and rating movies, being outdoors, traveling/road tripping, watching sports, seeing family or friends, and even the show FRIENDS. 
I would love to broaden my work experience by working with branding identity, illustrative work, typography, creative insight/skills, marketing and other design abilities. Hoping to find myself in the future of graphic design's footsteps, I'm willing to learn and put myself out there for the experience and opportunity to work with fellow designers and the amazing companies out there! 
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